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Education Plan for PLAC

Previously Looked After Children’s past experiences can have a lasting impact, particularly in school. The emotional impact of their experiences is likely to have become significant barriers to their progress. It is important for schools and teachers to recognise that traumatic experiences in early childhood do not change overnight and that they play a pivotal role in supporting the academic, social and emotional needs of Previously Looked After Children.

Education Plans for Previously Looked After Children are a continuation of the good practices seen within the regular Personal Education Plan reviews for Looked After Children.

The purposes of these meetings are to:

  • Encourage positive collaboration and communication between home and education provision
  • Raise awareness of the needs and issues faced by children and their parents
  • Review the support, interventions and progress of the child
  • Identify unmet needs of the child
  • Discuss PP+ allocation, in relation to the child’s needs and the benefit of the school’s cohort of Previously Looked After Children.
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