Keeping young people safe online


We understand many carers have concerns about keeping children safe online. Please see below for some advice and links to help support you with this at home.


Broadband and Mobile Filtering:

This site links to each of the main home broadband and mobile networks there are  step by step guides to set up filtering and parent controls


There are Parental Control Apps available online. There are many apps that offer different levels of functionality, everything from filtering content, managing screen time, tracking location to monitoring in App use. The App you select will be driven by the level of control and monitoring you want of the young people’s devices. However, as the apps sit on the device they are using you will need to have an open , honest conversation and agree with the young person about the applications you want to use and why. The young person needs to understand it would be in their best interest. Without cooperation it could lead to them finding ways around any restrictions or monitoring.

If you still feel this is what is needed there are two review sites, they outline some of the main providers, tools, functionality, and price. The Techradar article has some useful thoughts and tips for using these types of tools.  note this is a US site.

Do be aware many of the applications are US Based and data protection laws are slightly different so ensure you are happy with what they offer in terms of data protection.


There is further online safety help and assistance for parents and carers here:


School Life iOS Mobile Application
A School Life Website
School Life Android Mobile Application