We are lucky enough to have a fantastic Laptop scheme available for our Wokingham Children in Care.

Wokingham Children in Care are entitled to a laptop computer or tablet to use for homework, leisure, etc.  The devices are provided with support, warranty and insurance for three years.  Care Leavers that are actively engaging with some form of continuing education also have the same entitlement.  These can be renewed every 4 years while a child remains in care or is engaging in full time education.

When placing an order for a device, we would strongly advise you to consider the suitability of the device for completing school work.

We may also be able to provide different devices to those currently listed in our offer, so please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

The order form is below. You can find out more details by clicking on this link 

Please contact us for more information and to discuss any new requests: VirtualSchool.Admin@wokingham.gov.uk



Support for Children in Care/Care Leaver tablets and laptops is provided via Stone Computers.  

Phone: 0844 880 1680 or e-mail: support@stonecomputers.com

Support is available 9am-8pm Mon-Fri and 10am-5pm Sat-Sun, via telephone or email (excluding Bank Holidays).  Calls will be charged at national call rates or less (note change in support hours from those shown on some earlier versions of the documentation)

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