Pupil Premium Plus

The Department for Education (DfE) will allocate to Local Authorities a provisional amount of £2,410 per child in Care for at least one day, in accordance with the Conditions of Grant 2022-23. The Virtual School Headteacher (VSH) is responsible for the use of Pupil Premium Plus to diminish the difference and realise the potential for all Wokingham children in our care, wherever they live.

The payment of this funding to schools in the 2022/23 financial year will be at the discretion of the Virtual Head. Any additional funding will be provided according to the needs of the child and there is no set maximum amount. This can be applied for in consultation with the Wokingham Virtual School Head at any time in the school year. Currently targets can be set on the Wokingham PEP System to request additional funding – if more information is required on this please contact the Virtual School Head who will be happy to assist.

It is our intention to pay any agreed funding to schools as follows:

Each PEP meeting will consider what funding would support the current educational needs of the young person and then request this on the relevant target section of the PEP. The Virtual School advises that a figure of £500 per term would be advisable as a guide to requesting funding.

Pupil Premium: Virtual School Heads’ Responsibilities


Other Local Authority Children in Care

Each Local Authority has its own policy and therefore there will be variations. Wokingham Schools who have Children and Young People in Care from other Local Authorities on their roll must contact the Headteacher of the relevant Virtual School to request their Pupil Premium Plus policy. The name and contact details of other Virtual School Headteachers can be requested from the Wokingham Virtual School team.


Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP)

Virtual School Heads are also responsible for identifying and managing the Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP) for Wokingham Children in Care. This funding will be given to Early Years providers that CIC attend. Early Years providers are any organisation that offers education for children aged under 5, including nurseries and childminders. The EYPP gives providers additional funding to support children who are three or four years old and are currently in Care to a Local Authority in England or Wales. Once the child enters Reception, they will no longer be eligible for EYPP, but may become eligible for Pupil Premium Plus. Eligibility for EYPP does not lead automatically to eligibility for Pupil Premium Plus when the child starts school.

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